Americans Believe As Many Died from the Vax as from Covid

Americans Believe As Many Died from the Vax as from Covid

Americans are catching on.  I will have to quit calling them dumbshits.

The Rasmussen Poll (the only poll considered reliable and not part of misinformation spreading)  found that about the same number of Americans experienced  that someone close to them died from the Covid vax as died from Covid.  And remember, the people who died from Covid were people with prior morbidities who were forbidden treatment by corporate medicine with Ivermectin and HCQ, the two known cures and preventatives.

Steve Kirsch summarizes:

The polls show that the one thing in this country that both Democrats and Republicans agree on is that the vaccines are as deadly as COVID. That’s stunning.

So will the mainstream media attack the poll? Or will they ignore it?

And why hasn’t the mainstream media ever commissioned their own poll to show us the truth? And how will the “fact checkers” [he means the professional paid liars] explain this away?

The poll validates the Skidmore paper which found that the “vaccine” killed over 200,000 Americans in 2021 alone (Mark Skidmore estimated a larger number were killed in 2022). So the mainstream media knows what will happen if they do the poll: they will find the truth. This agrees with US government numbers (17,000 excess deaths in VAERS and a minimum underreporting factor of 41 which comes to a minimum in 2022 of  697,000 deaths from the vax). 

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