The Replacement of White People Continues With Remake of Peter Pan

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The Replacement of White People Continues With Remake of Peter Pan

Paul Craig Roberts

And the Lost Boys now include girls. 

The same disappearance of white people is happening in other movie and film remakes, in corporate ads, in the shelving or burning of classic works of literature.  I read of plans to turn James Bond into a black woman.  

White people are having their culture disappeared.  I have reported the reinterpretation of the artistic accomplishments of white artists by museums as racist works.  The history of Western civilization has been rewritten in the most blatantly false ways, such as the New York Times’ 1619 Project.  The universities in the US and UK have become anti-white propaganda ministries.  Statues and memorials are being removed, and the removals erase history.  One of the Cambridge University colleges removed a memorial to the founder of statistics and one of its own leaders because he was interested in racial differences in intelligence, a legitimate study at the time but now suppressed as racist.  Some American universities are removing donors names from buildings on the charge that the donor was a racist. As all white people are by definition racist, this policy should discourage future donations.  We see the black demonstrators who looted and burned business districts not held accountable but given monetary payouts for being confronted by police, while white supporters of Trump are imprisoned on false charges of insurrection.  And all the while we hear about “white privilege” while white people are forced by employers to take “sensitivity training” and accept that blacks and sexual perverts have preferential treatment in university admissions, employment, and promotion.  Everyone who protests the exclusion of white people from the 14th Amendment and equal rights under the law is branded a white supremacist and a threat to democracy.  

Everywhere white peoples are being deracinated and perversity normalized.  White people are being overwhelmed with guilt.  Their confidence is destroyed.  White children are taught in public schools that they are racists, and the few parents willing to do anything about it find it difficult.  Western governments lack the confidence and will to defend their borders from immigrant-invaders and have become Towers of Babel instead of nations of white ethnicities. There are reports that in some European countries white men lack the confidence to protect white women from rape and sexual abuse by immigrant-invaders.  Politicians and ideologues exploit the diversity and divide and rule with Identity Politics. Demographic forecasts show that every white country is on the path to disappearance.  And the disappearance is happening  in the name of diversity.  There is plenty of room in the world for diversity, but not within a country. 

It is a paradox that while ethnic  European culture is being displaced in every Western country, the West is preparing for war against Russia, China, and Iran.  As few people in the West are willing to fight these wars, they will be fought with missiles, and it will mean nuclear Armageddon.  Isn’t it strange that the US and Europe are so concerned with Ukraine’s borders, but not with their own.  Isn’t it strange that the entire Western world has identified democracy with Ukrainian neo-Nazis, but that protesters against stolen elections and vaccination and lockdown mandates are labeled domestic terrorists.  Isn’t it strange that with such emphasis on diversity white culture is being erased. Isn’t it strange that US foreign policy is based on the neoconservative ideology that America is the exceptional, indispensable country with a right to world hegemony, while at the same time the majority white population is derided as racists who must be suppressed. This implies that white people are not part of exceptional America.

Most Americans are too insouciant to know what is going on.  By the time they are directly affected and realize their situation, it will be too late.

A country is a geographical entity.  A nation is an ethnicity–Germans, French, Italians, British, Dutch, Polish.  The US consists of all of these and was multi-ethnic at an early stage, but the different ethnicities merged into a common people as they were all a part of Western civilization.  Immigrant-invaders from outside the Western tradition have replaced unity with diversity and fractured the cohesiveness of nations, turning them into geographic locations.  In the US and UK, universities and schools teach racial hatred of the white majority and gender hatred of men.  Movies and books are making these hatreds part of popular culture. Teaching blacks to hate whites and women to hate men is being institutionalized throughout society. The result is that Western societies are set against themselves, destroying the unity needed to control governments. Thus, we see all Western governments becoming more authoritarian.

The failure of Western peoples to protect their own ethnicities is a self-inflicted danger more threatening than the declared external enemies of Russia, China, and Iran.  This realization is withheld from Western peoples. Thus, they are doomed.

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