As Truth Declines So Do We All

March 2023 Quarterly Appeal

Dear Readers:  It is March and time for my quarterly request for your donations to this website.  As you know, you get no official narratives here.  You only get the truth both in reporting and in analysis, or as close as I can get to the truth.  

This is not an easy task.  So much information is not reported, reported wrongly, or suppressed.  I have walked you through:  the true story of World War II, the 9/11 hoax and its many consequences,  the weapons of mass destruction hoax, the bin Laden hoax, the hoaxes used to overthrow Libya and attempted overthrow of Syria, the Covid and mRNA “vaccine” hoax,  the Maidan Revolution hoax in Ukraine, Russiagate, orchestrated impeachments of Trump, orchestrated Jan 6 Insurrection, Ukrainian conflict, globalism’s consequences, mistaken US economic policy, destruction of societal unity, constitutional erosions, and the growth of evil and moral depravity.  None of this is appreciated by the ruling elites who devise and control the narratives or by indoctrinated and brainwashed Americans.  Foundations will not support this website, and the US media, unlike some of the foreign media, will not provide airtime.  If I used my pen to lie for the establishment, I would be rolling in money.  

It is not only the lack and suppression of information that makes truth-finding difficult, but also the hostility of offended elites and media.  The FBI puts you on watch lists.  They try to plant stories and documents on you that get you into difficulties.  You get branded a Putin agent/dupe, an anti-semite, a conspiracy theorist, a kook, and worse.  You often wonder,”why am I doing this?”  Reader appreciation and donatins are the only indicators you have that you should continue.  

The percentage of Americans who care is not substantial.  Americans are focused on their personal situation, not on the broad events that are altering their personal situation.  Insouciance, not awareness, is the American characteristic. Facing reality takes energy, time, strength and can be depressing.  Consequently, the society erodes.  Every day that passes Americans have less control over their lives.  Indeed, they can’t even find out what really is going on.

This is what I am fighting.  Your donations tell me whether there is any sense in continuing.  

The website is carried by monthly donors of small sums.  The website also needs the support of others who rely on it to escape the indoctrination imposed by The Matrix. Readers need to encourage others to the website so that the forces of truth grow rather than decline.

 As truth declines, so do we all.


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