Are Jews Again Driving the Western World Into a Fatal War?

Are Jews Again Driving the Western World Into a Fatal War?

Paul Craig Roberts

My interest is the predominance of propaganda and lies over truth. Ron Unz has the same interest. Four months after my column, “The Lies About World War II,” ( ) appeared, Unz took the story further in his long report, “Understanding World War II” ( ). Unz’s columns tend to be monographs or small books, well beyond the attention spans of most Americans. Unz gave me permission to republish his monograph in installments. This is the first installment: and this is the second: These three articles were for a couple of years the most read of the material on my website.

Just as Ron Unz’s survey of World War II history made clear that Jews have heavy responsibility for World War II, we are poised again to be led to war by Jews, who under the name of neoconservatives again dominate the US government as they did in Roosevelt’s time. Only this time the war will be nuclear and our last.

In the Biden regime all powerful positions are held by Jews–the Attorney General (the police), the Secretary of the Treasury (money), the Secretary of State (foreign policy and war). There is not a single White Anglo-Saxon Protestant in the Biden cabinet. What explains that in a country of gentiles a tiny minority of Jews occupy the power positions in the US government, the power positions in the media, entertainment, Ivy league administrations and faculties, and finance ?

Jews in high US government positions implemented the political coup in Ukraine in 2014 that installed a Washington puppet instructed to create conflict with Russia. Now we have the US attack on the Russian Nord Stream pipelines as promised by Victoria Nuland, the same Jewish State Department official that in a prior administration oversaw the anti-Russian coup in Ukraine, which began the present ever-widening conflict.

Jewish involvement in fomenting WW II is understandable as Zionists saw the creation of Israel as the result. But what is their motive today? Do they think that war and sanctions can turn Russians against Putin and cause a collapse that will enable them to seize control over Russia as during the Yeltsin years, or is it that they have become servants to their Israeli-serving ideology of US hegemony?

Whatever they are up to, war seems to be the likely outcome of Jewish control of the US Government in a fateful moment of history.




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