Understanding World War II

Understanding World War II

For several years my fact-based articles about the real World War II were the most read ones on my website. One of them still ranks as #4.

The official history of WWII is such a collection of lies that the more these lies are exposed, the better chance we have to make better decisions in the future

Therefore, I am recommending three of Ron Unz’s reports on the books written by people highly regarded in their time who served in military intelligence, who served as real journalists and foreign correspondents, and by important historians who refused to give their imprimatur to the official narrative.

Most Americans are brainwashed, and most of the few Americans who read only read what confirms their brainwashing. Those few who want to know the truth or just learn what the suppressed truth is, will be astonished by the information in these three articles:

How Hitler Saved the Allies

Understanding World War II

Putin as Hitler

Hitler is the most demonized person in history, and 77 years after his demise Hollywood and publishers are still adding to the demonization which has been extremely profitable for Israel and Zionists and which has prevented all but a few historians from focusing on the massive war crimes of Churchill, Roosevelt, and Eisenhower. Hitlerite and Nazi are established and widely used epithets that are based on war propaganda. Thus has eight decade old war propaganda been institutionalized in human consciousness.

What should be most disturbing about these articles is that your public servants and your free media continue to deceive you about everything.

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