Insouciant Americans Are Complicit in Their Own Demise

Insouciant Americans Are Complicit in Their Own Demise

Paul Craig Roberts

Americans are a helpless people.  The 4th July flag-waving crowd believe “our government could never do anything wrong” and are important enablers of the secret agendas perpetuated on the American people.  A people incapable of distrusting the government is incapable of being free.

The liberal-progressive-left Democrats who hate America because it is white and racist are pleased that the historic achievement of civil liberty is being dismantled, because the destruction of the Constitution aids in getting rid of white people.

Is the orchestrated “Covid Pandemic” part of the dismantling of the Constitution and reduction of white Americans to a minority?

Much evidence supports this conclusion.

We are told, falsely, that the mRNA vaccines have practically no adverse effects.  “Rare” is the term propagated by the government medical agencies and presstitutes.  Yet in England alone, just one side effect—30,000 women with menstrual problems they have never before experienced—has been reported to the adverse reaction data base in England. 

We know that only 1% to 10% of adverse reactions are ever reported.  So the real number of menstrual problems for England alone is 300,000 as a minimum and millions as the likely reality. And there are the other sources of side effects.  The evidence seems clear that the mRNA vaccines are a far greater threat to public health than the Covid virus.

Here is a report that the American Medical Association instructs doctors to participate in the deception of the public about “the Covid threat” and the “vaccine” in order to encourage inoculation. 

There is only one possible way to read these instructions from the totally corrupt AMA:  Your responsibility is to deceive your patients and convince them to be injected with a substance that will not protect them from Covid but will (1) make them suffer adverse reactions including death, and (2) will keep the gravy train working for Big Parma by creating “variants” that require endless booster shots.

Only last week, it seems, we were told by  Fauci and NIH, by CDC, WHO, FDA, and the presstitutes that with two injections we were 97% protected.  On September 24 2021, we were told that booster shots are now available and urged for those who were “fully vaccinated” as of last January, February, and March of 2021.  In other words the double-vaccinated were only protected  for 6 months (if at all).  Thus, your Covid passport will expire every 6 months unless you have a booster shot every six months.  

As the vastly under-reported adverse vaccine databases in the US, UK, and EU clearly indicate, there are massive adverse reactions and deaths associated with the mRNA vaccines.  Therefore, the conclusion is obvious that the more injections a person has of the death vaccine the more likely he is to be a casualty of it.

As the adverse reactions multiply they are ignored by declaring them to be new Covid cases.  We still hear about the “pandemic among the unvaccinated” despite the fact that the highest incidences of Covid are in the countries with the highest percentage of their populations injected. Almost all of the “Covid cases” are the fully vaccinated.  In Israel, for example, almost everyone in hospital with alleged Covid are fully vaccinated. Israel is already on the second booster injection, and the case level and death rate rise.  Clearly, the injections cause adverse reactions that are denied by calling them new Covid cases requiring more injections.

Here we have Albert Spence, a pulmonary nurse with 31 years of service, testifying before the South Carolina Legislature that the result of his following the official Covid protocols was his murder of many people. 

It is well known that we went through an alleged “Covid Pandemic” in 2020 and 2021 and youth and children were unaffected.  But suddenly we hear there is a “new variant” that attacks youth and children. Earlier this week I saw a video from a liberal site of a white woman telling the extraordinary lie that 1,000,000 American children had Covid and we must rush to vaccinate them.  

So now they are going to kill the children or make them infertile.  The dumbshit American parents will line up eager to save their children by having them injected with the death shot.

Peer Koenig, a defector from the World Bank and World Health Organization, tells us that we are “living in a WWIII scenario directed against all humanity.”  In place of guns and bombs, the weapon is propaganda and the death shot. 

Joseph Mercola reports that the mass murderer in the White House intends to murder all of us by forcing us to submit to the death shot. If we don’t obey we will not be allowed to go to school–even online courses, go to work,  go to movie theaters, restaurants, bars, concerts and sporting events, or even shop for our food, see our doctor and dentist, use public transportation or enter or re-enter the US unless you are a preferred illegal immigrant-invader personally protected by Biden. 

The bottom line is clear.  The Biden regime regards American citizens as undesirables who need to be exterminated and replaced with immigrant/invaders.

As not enough American citizens show any awareness of the threat they face, the plot against them is likely to succeed.  

Is the conclusion avoidable that the American people are too stupid to survive?

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