The War Against Conservative Americans Moves Into High Gear

The War Against Conservative Americans Moves Into High Gear

Corrupt US Attorney Setting Up Trump Supporters for Kidnapping and Assassination Conspiracies

Corrupt New York Attorney General Brings False Case Against NRA

Fascist Cancel Culture Runs Amok

Bloomberg Evening Briefing

“Supporters of President Donald Trump who attacked the U.S. Capitol last week were planning to “capture and assassinate” elected officials, federal prosecutors said, an allegation that further broadened the scope of the sprawling probe from white supremacist riot to potential grand conspiracy. Whether Republicans in Congress—as well as Capitol Police and members of the military—took part in the alleged plan has also become a new focus for investigators. A group of lawmakers said Capitol tours were given to attackers the day before their assault, while others want to find out if Capitol Police officers have white supremacist ties, and who allegedly removed panic buttons from a representative’s office. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said any members found to have conspired in the attack will be prosecuted. Meanwhile, the Justice Department said it will investigate itself: specifically, what information federal law enforcement had before the attack and why they failed to stop it.”—Margaret Sutherlin

New York Attorney General Seeks to Dissolve the National Rifle Association which She Defines as “a terrorist organization.”  To protect itself from a crooked lawsuit, the NRA has declared bankruoptcy and is reincororating in Texas.  

Any conservative organization that exists in a blue state will be destroyed.  Get out while you can. 

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