Thank You for Your Strong Support

Thank You for Your Strong Support

Dear Supporters:  Thank you for the many encouraging emails and for your encouraging financial support.  This was the strongest September in the website’s history.

Let me tell you something about the website.  At this moment as I write it is being read by people in 97 countries.  In the first 8 and one-half months of 2019 there have been 3,128,097 visits to this website.  The readership of my columns is many times larger as they are posted on a large number of other websites in English and in foreign language translation, and many are published in Russian in Russian newspapers.  So far this year one-third of donations come from abroad.

Thanks to you, my columns have become an international phenomenon.

Although the readership is large, the donations mostly come from a small number of core supporters who have proven to be ever faithful.

The website has Jewish readers and donors who understand that it is not anti-semitic to criticize Israel any more than it is anti-American to criticize Washington.  The website has black readers who understand that racial division is debilitating for our country.  The website has many female readers who understand that gender division destroys families and the institution of marriage.  The race and gender hatred fomented by Identity Politics is a cancer eating away at the heart of the country.

There are still enough people who, if they could find a political leader, could put our country back together again.  Unfortunately, neither political party seems capable of producing leaders.

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