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Update:  Advice on how to set up Yandex and Protonmail VPN:

Hi Dr Roberts, the ‘WATER-FALL’ that indicates a properly functioning YANDEX Browser only occurs in WINDOWS -based machines.  A regular HOME-PAGE is in MAC OS X ‘MOJAVE’. WINDOWS 8, 8.1, 10 & MAC OS X ‘MOJAVE’ based machines will all function perfectly well with the YANDEX BROWSER. I know, I have this browser in all of the above OS systems/machines (Lenovo IdeaPads P500 & I330K & 3 Mac Book Pro’s).
As you probably know:The YANDEX Web-Browser, like any other web-browser, must be set-up to a user’s liking in the ‘SETTINGS’ part of the WEB-BROWSER.
The PROTONMAIL VPN client/’APP’ must be downloaded and installed like any other separate ‘APP’ and is not technically a part of the PROTONMAIL application although there is a link to PROTONMAIL ‘VPN’ inside the PROTONMAIL DASHBOARD Page.
One thing I know how to do is set-up a Personal Computer. I am not a Programmer but am considered tech-savvy by all who know me and my recommendations to you & your reader’s will work with properly functioning and up-to-date machines.



UPDATE:  A reader reports that Yandex does work with Apple:

Hello Dr Roberts, I have the YANDEX Browser working in the latest MAC Operating System , ‘MOJAVE’, as well as in WINDOWS 10 & WINDOWS 8 & 8.1 machines and it works perfectly fine.

UPDATING the Operating System to function with the latest software breakthroughs is crucial. If the YANDEX Browser does NOT feature a flowing WATER-FALL (Niagra Falls I think) on its HOMEPAGE the machine may not be capable of supporting the YANDEX BROWSER.”


UPDATE:  A reader reports that Yandex does not work with Apple.  I have personal experience that Protonmail, Firefox, and Duck-Duck-Go work perfectly with Apple.

Advice for readers from a reader

Hello Dr Roberts, Thank you for the advice regarding ‘PROTONMAIL’…I have taken that advice and wish to pass on some additional items of interest in that regard.

I do use ‘MOZILLA’ FIREFOX as a Web Browser but there is also a BETTER one called the YANDEX Web-Browser…. and in addition to using the YANDEX Web-Browser, the search engine to use inside of the YANDEX WEB-BROWSER is DUCK-DUCK-GO.

For several years I have also subscribed to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in order to encrypt my INTERNET presence. The VPN Service Provider is called PUREVPN(based in Hong Kong, outside the USA ,which is important!), however PROTONMAIL has a VPN service that appears to be less costly and may even be FREE.

I have always been a firm believer in PRIVACY and my rights to it. In this day and age it is a travesty that I must take such drastic steps to insure I have my PRIVACY, but I do what I have to do to make sure I have my PRIVACY. OTOH, I am not so Vain-Glorious to think that anyone gives a Fiddler’s Farthing about my day-to-day communications but I want no one reading them regardless.

Keeping my ON-LINE BANKING info secret is crucial as well and is a BIG reason to get ENCRYPTED WEB-BROWSER’s/SEARCH ENGINE’s.

Maybe you would like to pass the above info onto your audience/readers?

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