Dear Friends: Some issues explained

Dear Friends: Some issues explained

Your website has been recently experiencing troubles with PayPal returning to donors all donations not made in US dollars with the excuse to the donor that I have requested to approve or reject all foreign donations. I have made no such request and have made no such rejections. This problem, never previously experienced, all of a sudden appeared out of nowhere. So far PayPal has been unresponsive to my inquiries. I am confident that our webmaster will get the matter resolved. In the meantime donors from abroad might consider using Stripe.

I receive from many of you copies of your published and unpublished books and articles. It is impossible for me to read, assess, and respond to so much material. Neither can I engage in discussion with individuals over various topics. It is simply a matter of available time and energy. Writing columns for this website and being prepared to write is a full time job leaving me almost no time for my life. A non-response from me does not mean that your ideas or efforts are not valuable or worthwhile.

I do read your emails, but seldom can respond.

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