Dropped Newsletter Subscriptions

Dropped Newsletter Subscriptions

The webmaster is again checking with the service provider to see if there is a problem at that end that is causing some subscribers to be dropped. If so, it will be corrected.

The webmaster believes that the problem resides at the email provider for the reader. Such events as these could be occurring: The reader has a spam filter that bounces the announcement of new postings back to the service provider for the newsletter, or the email provider regards multiple notices on one day as spam and bounces them. The newsletter service provider regards bouncebacks as bad addresses and automatically unsubscribes the address. Most likely that is what is occurring.

If so, only you can fix the problem with your email service.

Possibly also certain words in titles cause bouncebacks in some email settings. I noticed that the guest column today, “Is Trump’s Policy Benefitting Pedophiles?” had 13 bouncebacks and 13 readers were unsubscribed today. I have noticed also more than the normal bouncebacks anytime a title indicates criticism of Israeli policy. Perhaps by choice or not you are being protected from content associated with certain words.

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