Apple and Easter

Apple and Easter

Here is the wrapup I promised.

Some readers report that Easter is marked on their Apple calendars and others say not. It seems it might depend on the year the computer was made.

This reply from Scott perhaps is the best explanation. Scott says it only appears this year that Apple has ignored Easter. The problem, he reports, is that

“Apple’s default display settings are to only show one holiday (to prevent undue crowding), per alphabetical order, when more than one occurs on the same day, which was the case this year with Easter, as “April Fool’s Day” comes alphabetically before “Easter.”
The iCal app can be easily made to display Easter in this case, plus which if you scroll to future years in the app, you can see that Easter appears in each one, as it no longer occurs on April Fool’s Day.”

As a kid I enjoyed April Fools day, but I do not think it ever classified as a holiday. There was no time off from work and school, and the mail was delivered.

Scott didn’t say how to make the iCal app show Easter.

According to Scott’s report, all we can say is that Apple’s programmers set the fault so that April Fools this year took precedence over Easter.

Another reader insisted that Easter is the most important, not the second most important, Christian holiday. I am not prepared to argue with this. Let’s just say that Easter is definitely an important Christian holiday.

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