Did The Cuban Revolution Die With Castro?

Did The Cuban Revolution Die With Castro?

I just now heard (afternoon of December 1) on NPR a program with descendants of Cuban exiles celebrating Castro’s death and expressing their disappointment that their older relatives had died previously to Castro and were denied the pleasure of exulting in Castro’s death. The Cuban exiles were the upper class that supported the Batista dictatorship. One of the descendants, a 33-year old Miami schoolteaher, ridiculed Castro’s Cuba because the people did not have Tylenol. It did not occur to the schoolteacher in Miami that the absence of Tylenol was a result of Washington’s embargo of Cuba. It was Washington, not Castro, that denied the Cuban people products, including spare parts for their American cars.

The purpose of the US embargo on the Cuban Revolution was to prevent socialist development in order that when the revolutionaries die off, the American One Percent and crime syndicates can again purchase Cuba and resume the exploitation of the Cuban people.

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