Letter from a reader re: photos showing crisis actors setting up the Nice scene

You have have posted a fine summary of the Nice FFO http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article45429.htm with the video by the foul-mouthed and sarcastic narrator.

I am looking at two photographs of the same scene, one during the set-up, and then the final photo as released. It’s well to compare them in detail. The photo of the preparation is at 23min 30 sec in the video. The lady, front left, has not yet put her foot out from under the sheet. The man (?) to her right hash’t yet seen fit to stick his arm out. A long black object in the left lane has not yet been removed. A stray sheet, just behind the front lady, has not been cleared away. The metal barrier in the right lane has not yet been pulled back, nor has the “body” behind it, in the sheet, been moved further to the right. Everyone looks relaxed, even the photographer on the left curb who is waiting for them to get finished. The angle of view for the final photo is chosen so as not to show the truck and police cars behind. Wouldn’t it be awkward if one were to have to try to figure outhow the truck got there, having hit all those people in the middle of the street, without squashing them? You can check the video to see whether you think the photographer shown here is the same as the “official photographer” who took the truck videos from the hotel, an hour earlier. Looks similar to me. Now one can see why it was so important for the The French Anti-Terrorist Sub-Directorate in Paris to try to get the surveillance photos of the event destroyed. I don’t know whether the Nice authorities have been able to maintain their refusal to do so.



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