Powerful Interest Groups Have Triumphed Over The Rule Of Law

Powerful Interest Groups Have Triumphed Over The Rule Of Law

This from a reader:

“It was reported this morning that recently the jet that Attorney General Loretta Lynch was on just happened to be on the same ramp as the one carrying  Bill Clinton.
“And somehow each party apparently knew of the presence of the other.
“And they were in close enough proximity that Bill and Loretta met privately in one of the jets.
“The FBI (a department under the AG) is investigating Hillary’s emails as  a criminal violation of the espionage act and the funding of the Clinton Foundation by foreign interests.
“Seems to me that this is more than coincidental and is highly irregular for a prosecuting official to meet privately with a potential defendant—or husband of a potential defendant.
“Wonder who’s jet they met on?   Did the AG go to Bill’s jet?  Wouldn’t that be particularly unusual? Did Bill go over to the AG’s jet, and if so why would the AG allow it and precipitate such a conflict of interests?”

Here is confirmation that this meeting did occur:

There was a half hour meeting on the AG’s plane. Watch the news video from ABC 15:



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