Providers’ Newsletter Service Has Broken Down, Awaiting A Fix By The Provider

Dear Friends:

As I have previously reported, in January 2004, 12 years ago, I stated in a nationally televised TV economic debate about jobs offshoring that the United States would be a Third World country in 20 years. I over-estimated the time it would take. We are already there. We have 23% unemployment, no jobs for university graduates, deteriorating and collapsing infrastructure, large percentages of the population drowning in debt and its service, the decay of cities that were once the sites of our industrial and manufacturing power, such as Detroit, Michigan, largely in ruins, and Flint, Michigan, where the water is undrinkable.

Now the technology service I use to send to you notices of new postings to the website informs me that for the past three days and for three or more days longer they are unable to accommodate postings from Apple computers using the Safari browser. The service’s software/hardware has broken down.

Probably the executives have taken all the money out of the company and neglected maintenance.

That is the American way. “After me, the deluge.”

Those of you who rely on the notices of new postings will have to consult the website, assuming the tech company responsible can continue to keep it functioning.

It is unclear to me what purpose is served by sending notices when readers can just check the website. It is an expensive service, and uses my time, better spent elsewhere. May I ask those of you who use the newsletter service for notices of new postings to let me know how important this service is to you?

Paul Craig Roberts

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