An Appreciation of the Website from Germany

Dear Sir, I am one of your readers from Germany and wanted to thank you for your articles. Your comments and viewpoints DO provide very valuable insight into the issues of our time. I particularly enjoyed your recent post about Reagan and Nixon, because – as you mentioned yourself – it challenges established viewpoints. I think your site is one of the most important non-conformist sources of information there is. What makes your site particularly valuable to non-Americans is the fact thathere we can find information that is critical towards the empire from an outstanding American himself, providing that much-needed extra credibility. Unfortunately I can only confirm to you that the European mass media are totally biased and under the empire’s spell. People are brainwashed. The empire’s power is fearsome and awe-inspiring once you recognize it – I am hoping for the best for our future but expecting the worst.

Your articles are very nice to read language-wise for me being a non-native speaker. Your style of writing is engaging yet entertaining (if you may say so regarding the topics they are about), elaborated English with diverse vocabulary (every time some new words to learn) but easy to read and understand.

Max in Germany

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