Can Americans Have Hope?

If you do not support the truth, there will be no truth.

Can Americans Have Hope?

Paul Craig Roberts

I suspect that some of my readers are getting worn down by the continuing refusal of our rulers and manipulators to acknowledge any truth. I myself get worn down. Tucker Carlson’s interview with Steve Kirsch reveals that it is impossible in the medical world to speak the truth. The top doctors and medical research scientists cannot state the truth about the Covid mNRA “vaccine” and childhood vaccination without losing their jobs and becoming a nonperson.

What this means is that the medical profession is forced to protect Big Pharma’s profits and the reputations of Dr. Fauci, NIH, CDC, FDA, and WHO at the expense of human life and health. The presstitutes are lined up with those who dictate the narrative.

Movies such as The Matrix and V for Vendetta are not fantasy movies. They are accurate reports on our time.

Soon we need to take a day off and celebrate our cats, our animal friends, our wives and husbands, children, parents, human friends. There is still a lot here for us. Perhaps a compilation of stories would serve to show what is at stake for all of us as “our” government stampedes us into tyranny.

But for now, let’s look at the year before us. I have already written that 2024 is likely to be a determining year for the Western world. Two wars are ongoing on which the West is on the wrong side. Equally important is this year’s presidential election.

It is completely obvious that Trump is the favorite. The corrupt Republican establishment was unable to find anyone voters would accept to challenge Trump for the nomination. Trump is hands down the people’s choice.

Despite this fact, and remember, allegedly America is a democracy subject to the will of the people, we witness Democrat state supreme court judges ruling that Trump is an “insurrectionist” and is banned from being on the ballot. We see Democrat state secretaries of state and state attorney generals and city and county Democrat prosecutors using law as a weapon to keep Trump off the ballot and to keep him tied up in criminal and civil trials. The Democrats are weaponizing law because they know Trump will win the election.

How much more hard evidence is needed to establish that Democrats do not believe in democracy. Or justice. Or accountable government. And neither do the media. What they believe in is power.

The last two national elections were clearly rigged. We know that without having to list the enormous documented evidence of electoral theft. The minute the improbable results were announced, the American media unanimously read from the same script prior to any investigation that “there was no election theft.” How did the media know? The whores hadn’t even looked at the evidence.

The issue that faces us is: There is no possibility whatever of Biden being reelected. The fool lined up with Israel in the genocide of the Palestinian people. The fool has lost the war in Ukraine that absorbed untold billions of American money. The fool has violated his oath of office and has not only allowed but has actively participated in bringing in during his 4 years 48 cities the size of Pittsburgh full of immigrant-invaders, actually flying in at the expense of US taxpayers 320,000 immigrant-invaders. The fool is signing over to an international bureaucracy, WHO, the determination of your health care, which as of May of this year will be out of your hands.

I could go on, but how can a candidate described by his own Department of Justice to be too incompetent to stand trial for his illegal possession of secret national security documents be
sufficiently competent to be President of the United States and to have in his incompetent hands, so ruled by his own Justice Department, the nuclear briefcase?

How can the Democrats run a candidate for president who has been ruled incompetent by his own government?

How is it that Democrat state judges, attorneys general, and secretaries of state illegitimately rule that Trump cannot be on the Democrat states ballots because he is an “insurrectionist”? Trump has not been convicted as an insurrectionist. Why do these dumbshit Demorats think that their assertion amounts to a conviction?

Moreover the 14th Amendment assigns that decision to the US Congress, not to state judges, attorney generals, and secretaries of state. Are the Democrats so utterly stupid and incompetent that they do not understand basic law and cannot understand that they are asserting a power that they do not have? Yes, I believe that is the case. For decades Democrats have been appointing legal and constitutional illiterates to the judiciary, knowing that the only way Democrats can achieve a one-party tyrannical state is by using stupid people to weaponize law.

With polls showing that 90% of the voting population regard Biden as too old or too incapable to serve as president, why are the Democrats running him? Is it because they have no other candidate? Or is it because the Democrats have a plan to move Trump aside and neutralize him?

Biden has nonexistent chances of winning. This makes it impossible for the Democrats to steal the third national election in a row. To steal an election the vote count has to be close. Otherwise, it is not believable. Perhaps the Democrats have a plan for derailing Trump?

Earlier I suggested that the Democrats would have Biden resign for medical reasons. Kamala would become president. She would be instructed to choose Hillary as her VP and then resign herself. This would leave Hillary and her machine in power prior to the election. Then the border conflict between Washington and Texas would be heated up. There would be talk of civil war, and the prospect would be used by Hillary to declare martial law to put down rebellion and cancel the election.

As much sense as this makes for the Democrats, there is little evidence that they are moving in this direction. So how will they keep Trump out of office?

As Trump has declared war on the American ruling elites,they are determined to keep him away from power. Has Trump been re-educated so that he no longer wants normal relations with Russia? We know he is in Israel’s pocket, which is a great gift to the control that the establishment has over Trump. The question before us is: Does Trump want vindication by reelection more than he wants to overthrow the elite and return government to the people as democracy requires?

If he hasn’t struck a deal with the elites, why would they allow him, their enemy, be in the Oval Office?

Could it be that the elite know how much more powerful they are compared to a mere US president? When it comes down to the question, what can Trump do? If he is able to understand the situation and to identify people able and willing to help him take power from the ruling elite and to restore power to the people, he still has the problem of getting a bought-and-paid-for US Senate to approve his appointments. Remember, Trump’s appointment of General Flynn lasted two weeks.

My updated opinion is that the elites could permit Trump to assume the Presidency because they know that they can prevent him from achieving what those who elected him want, thereby demoralizing the American citizens who had hope that a leader would restore and revitalize their nation. They know that they can orchestrate an economic catastrophe that would destroy Trump’s presidency and keep Republicans out of office for many years.

If all else fails, the bullets that destroyed JFK and RFK are available. There is no doubt that the corrupt US media would attribute Trump’s assassination to “a lone gunman.”

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