The Lack of Leadership Is Killing America

The Lack of Leadership Is Killing America

James Howard Kunstler asks, in light of Special Counsel Hur’s finding that Biden is incompetent to stand trial for actions for which  the DOJ is attempting to hold President Trump accountable, if Congress will do its duty and use the 25th Amendment to remove a president for reasons of disability.  Surely even the tamed US Congress doesn’t want a mental incompetent to be in control of the nuclear briefcase.  Victoria Nuland or Bill Kristal might tell him to push the button.

On the other hand, perhaps Hur’s finding is merely a contrivance to get Biden off the hook.  It is a bit difficult even for the totally corrupt US Justice (sic) Department to indict one president for having national security documents in his possession, but not another.

But however we look at it, it is clear from Tucker Carlson’s interview of Putin that the Russians have a leader, and we don’t. 

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