Trump Wins New Hampshire & Utterly Shames the Establishment—Again

Trump Wins New Hampshire & Utterly Shames the Establishment—Again

Glenn Greenwald

Honest Glenn Greenwald Explains Trump’s Victory Over the totally Corrupt Establishment.  Greenwald is very good if you have time for his long programs.  Here are a few beginning paragraphs of his January 24 presentation:

“Donald Trump scores his second consecutive decisive victory on the road to determine who will be the 2024 presidential nominee for the Republican Party. Trump defeated former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, his last remaining competitor—using a very generously broad definition of that term—by a margin of roughly 12 points. The only reason it was even that close is because New Hampshire has an open primary, meaning that all voters, not just Republicans, have the right to vote in the Republican primary. And so many left-leaning independents and even Democratic Party voters who said they prefer Joe Biden answered the call of Democratic Party leaders and Democratic Party pundits that they go and vote for Nikki Haley, that it made the real gap seem less humiliating than it actually was.

“According to exit polls, Trump won three out of every four Republican voters, which means that had only Republicans been allowed to vote, as happens in many of the upcoming states, the margin of victory would have been 50 points, 75 to 25, not 12. Trump’s control of the Republican Party is historically massive and no longer in question. Nikki Haley, clearly addicted to the lavish media praise she has been getting, as well as all the dreams she’s harboring of how much she can monetize her candidacy, is so extreme that she’s even willing to go next to South Carolina, her home state, where she’s certain to lose to Trump by a wide margin, despite that being her state. In fact, the person she anointed to be a United States senator, Tim Scott, endorsed Donald Trump as soon as he dropped out of the race, as have many of the most prominent South Carolina officeholders. It’s very rare for someone to go and lose their own state, let alone lose it by the margin that she is likely to lose it by, and yet her humiliation is well worth the price she’s willing to pay for more media attention and to monetize her future.

“The fact that Trump’s victories in these primaries have been predicted and expected is, I think, causing the really extraordinary nature of his victories to be somewhat overlooked. It is virtually impossible to overstate how much has been done by virtually every major center of power in the United States to sabotage Trump’s candidacy, destroy his reputation and all but force voters to choose someone else. They’ve poured massive sums of money into that effort, and have not only had almost every major American media corporation devote seven years nonstop to depicting him as a literal Hitler figure, but they are trying to bar him from the ballot and even making history by becoming the first party in power to use their control over the judiciary and the prosecutorial power to try to prosecute and imprison their leading political opponent. And yet, in the face of all of that, Trump just keeps winning.

“The collapse of establishment power and credibility, as illustrated by Trump’s resilience and all but inevitable victory in the GOP race, continues, in our view, to be of historic significance arguably the most important story in American politics since Trump’s emergence in 2015. We will do everything possible to examine all facets of that tonight, including even having on, yet again, the intrepid independent journalist Michael Tracy, who will join us from New Hampshire, where he has spent the last week or so doing reporting.

“Then I know it’s not being reported this way, but the reality is that the Biden administration has now heavily involved the United States, not in two new major wars, but in three new major wars over just three years. The Biden administration has financed and armed the proxy war against Russia and Ukraine; it is financing and arming Israel’s now three-month-old war in Gaza, and it is involved in a new regional war that involves constant bombing of Syria, Iraq and especially Yemen, a country that they have bombed at least six times in the last three weeks, with votes on the White House to continue even more bombing.

“As we have been reporting, none of this has been done without the slightest whiff of congressional approval, let alone congressional debate. The warnings we issued after the first bombing attack on Yemen are now even more visible than ever. Namely, when a president starts new wars without involving Congress, it is not just some technical violation of the Constitution— although it is—it is dangerous in its own right, as it can easily lead to the type of endless war we are now at risk of seeing, with no strategic plans, no metrics for success, no exit plans, no weighing of benefits versus the risks of regional escalation and full-scale war. ” 

My concern remains that the corrupt elite will have the FBI or CIA murder Trump as the elite regard Trump as their worst enemy.  The despicable elite have thrown everything they have at Trump except bullets, their remaining weapon. —  PCR

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