Will Russia & China Prevent Washington from Expanding the Conflict?

Will Russia & China Prevent Washington from Expanding the Conflict?

Paul Craig Roberts

As I have emphasized, Russia and China are behind the eight ball.  Russia is dependent on Iran to prevent the CIA funneling jihadists into the Russian Federation and the former Soviet Central Asian republics.  China has energy dependence and energy investments in Iran and doesn’t want a repeat loss like the one Washington imposed on China in Libya.  Yet these two superpowers have not conveyed to Washington that Iran is off limits.  The most certain way of deterring a dangerous escalation is an immediate announcement by Russia, China, and Iran of a joint security alliance in which an attack on one is an attack on all.  

Russia could add clout to this announcement by immediately removing its constraint on Syria that prevents Syria from using its Russian-provided modern air defense capability to stop US and Israeli attacks on Syrian territory.  Putin is deluded if he believes his restraints are preventing escalation when in fact Putin’s restraints are causing escalation.

In truth, what we are faced with is Washington’s aggression together with Russia’s restraint leading to nuclear war.

Washington’s attacks on Yemen are aimed at opening conflict with Iran.  Washington’s neoconservatives have in their grasp the opportunity to renew their wars on Israel’s opponents.  If Russia and China do not understand this and act to prevent it, worst provocations will bring Armageddon upon us.

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