Compared to the Corporate Media Glenn Greenwald Is Wonderful

Compared to the Corporate Media Glenn Greenwald Is Wonderful

Paul Craig Roberts

In the otherwise good analysis here:  Greenwald implies that 9/11 happened on its own and the neocons saw it as an opportunity, that the January 6 Trump rally turned into an alleged “insurrection” on its own with no help from federal agents acting as provocateurs, that the Israeli security barrier failed on its own and was not stood down to enable the Hamas attack used to justify the genocide of the Palestinians, and that the Israeli/US propaganda about the “Hamas atrocities” is true.  

Greenwald is too intelligent to believe any of this.  I suspect that he knows that even alternate media audiences are influenced by official narratives and that the establishment remains sufficiently powerful to brand him a conspiracy theorist spreading disinformation and demand his de-platforming again.  For telling the truth he has been closed down previously on several occasions.  In his referenced article, I think he makes his case without waving too many red flags.  Even in the alternative media constraints remain on those willing to tell the truth.  

Greenwald acknowledges that there is some anti-semitism, some anti-black, anti-Muslim, anti-LGBT hostility although greatly exaggerated in order to serve self-interested agendas.  Where his article falls down is not mentioning that it is the white population of America that has been turned into second-class citizens, demonized, and deprived of equal rights.  This is the great paradox.  It is the majority white American population that is held back by racial preferences for people of color.  It is white kids who are indoctrinated that they are racist in public schools and universities.  It is white Americans who are labeled “Trump deplorables,” “domestic terrorists,” “insurrectionists,” imprisoned for attending a rally, put on watch lists, and fired from their jobs because they don’t use some protected groups pronouns.

It is not only Palestinians whose country is being overrun.  It is the entirety of the Western world which has been turned into a tower of babel in the name of “diversity and multiculturalism.” 

Greenwald’s article is long, avoids the plight of white ethnicities, but it covers a range of issues with reasonable analysis that won’t annoy some readers the way statements embodying even more truth do by coming across as extreme.  

Greenwald is certainly not a coward.  He attacks the corporate media and the Israel Lobby for their lies.  In this article he points out that Israel has branded as anti-semitism any criticism of Israel.  If you criticize the Israeli saturation bombing of Palestinian residential areas killing large numbers of women and children, you are an anti-semite.  “Anti-semite” has become a term used to protect Israel from any criticism.  What this means is that Israel, like blacks and LGBT, have the protection of privilege. 

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