Recruitment Problems Plague US Military

Recruitment Problems Plague US Military

Paul Craig Roberts

Traditionally a few Southern states have provided the backbone of America’s military.  But times have changed.  Today white Southern men don’t like black female sergeants in their face.  They don’t like homosexual sergeants in their face either.  They don’t like comments from non-military friends about their officers wearing high heels and skirts.  And they have heard enough from those forced out because of refusal to take the death vaccine to know that the officers no longer stand up for the troops.

A military headed by a black Secretary of Defense, a female Deputy Secretary of Defense, a black Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a female Chief of Naval Operations, a female Secretary of the Army, a Hispanic Secretary of the Navy, and a black head of the US Air Force Academy comes across as a military hostile to “racist, misogynist heterosexual white males.”  These officials might all be competent, but they don’t come across to those in the ranks as warriors loyal to the troops. The black Secretary of Defense reinforced this impression when he announced that promotions for whites were on hold because there are too many white officers. In other words, the military is no longer merit-based. It is a racial and gender quota system.

Men with a temperament to be warriors want to be led by warriors, not by quota hires.  They want to feel that they are part of a fighting force led by officers proven in combat.  Their image of a military leader is George Patton or Robert E. Lee.

The demonization of white people that permeates American society has now infected the military.  Traditional military families now discourage sons from joining the US military.  If the pro-Israeli neoconservative warmongers remain in control of US foreign policy, the likely consequence will be that Washington will make a deal with immigrant-invaders of trading citizenship for military service.  This appears to be the road that the woke US military has us on. Just as Romans ended up ruled by their German mercenaries, Americans will be ruled by immigrant-invaders.

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