The Cost of Dissenting is Extremely High

The Cost of Dissenting is Extremely High

Paul Craig Roberts

Naomi Wolf, formerly an honored member of the left is now a target of the woke left, Biden regime, media, and Democrat party.  She explains the cost to her of telling the truth. 

vDare is a website that believes that countries should have borders.  For acting in behalf of this belief, vDare is persecuted by the New York attorney general and harassed by bot attacks on the website’s ability to operate.  

We know the cost to Julian Assange of making truth known.

Additionally, those who don’t abide by official narratives are libeled, slandered, constantly insulted, misrepresented, have statements attributed to them that they never made, and are put on “watch lists.”  Wikipedia and “fact checkers” create false biographies for them.  

Americans not involved in the fray do not comprehend the cost of dissenting from the false official narratives.  Read Dr. Wolf’s account and the account of vDare and try to imagine the stress.

Clearly the intent is to prevent any information that does not serve our rulers’ agendas.  

What this tells us is that the ruling elites in the Western World have NO respect for truth, independent thought, freedom, and are determined to avoid being held accountable by free speech.  We are ruled by the worst tyrants in human history.  We are being herded into a Matrix that they control.  They have the one leader who dared to oppose them–President Donald Trump–slated for destruction.

Are we going to do anything about it?

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