The Crisis Caused by Washington and Israel Is Metastasizing 

The Crisis Caused by Washington and Israel Is Metastasizing 

Paul Craig Roberts

This is an unhappy message for Christmas Eve.  The Biden Regime’s support for Israel’s brutal Genocide of the Palestinian people seems destined, as Mike Whitney points out , to lead to the expanded conflict that I have feared from the beginning.  The outcome of the conflict will be affected by whether the Houthis strike first or under pressure from Iran sit there and give Washington the opportunity to drive them from their strategic position.  It is ironic that by restraining the Muslims, thereby denying them the initiative, Putin has protected Israel from defeat.

But either way, the risk in disruption of shipping and oil flows threaten Wall Street’s assumption that inflation is behind us.  The US economy risks a serious blow from the Biden Regime’s support of Israel’s criminal actions against Palestine both in Gaza and the West Bank.  We have to marvel over Israel’s power over the government of the United States.  Clearly, the Biden Regime and its neoconservative operatives are willing to sacrifice America for Greater Israel.

We should be aware that a widening conflict will affect the interests of Russia and China with unknown consequences for the US and Israel.

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