Washington & CNN Are Setting Up Iran for Attack

Washington & CNN Are Setting Up Iran for Attack

Paul Craig Roberts

The Hypocrisy of Washington and the presstitutes is outrageous. The lie machines are content with Washington supplying the bombs, missiles, and protection for Israel’s Genocide of the Palestinians but sees evil in Iran helping the Houthis, the people on whom Washington sicced the Saudis.  https://www.cnn.com/2023/12/22/politics/us-intelligence-iran-houthi-rebels-attacks-red-sea/index.html 

Don’t you just love the names Washington puts on its military operations.  All the warships Washington has poured into the volatile area hoping for an excuse to attack Iran are designated “Operation Prosperity Guardian,” an Orwellian use of language.

As usual Putin is trying to stay out of the situation, which means that the weight necessary to keep the situation in hand is not present.  A US attack on Iran remains the neoconservatives’ goal.  The decades long demonization of Iran has set the stage.  

Putin is a good humane leader, but he is reactive instead of proactive, and this leaves the initiative in Washington’s hands, which means war is the most likely result. 

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