The Biden Regime Has Made Us All Complicit in Genocide

The Governments of the World Accept the Extermination of the Palestinian People.  We are experiencing the total collapse of morality on planet earth.  

Washington is working to prevent a conference on Geneva Convention violations; Israeli prison guards beat Palestinian prisoner to death; ongoing devastation, starvation in Gaza

Israel and Washington, and the world’s lack of response to the genocide America and Israel are inflicting on Palestinians, have taught us that the entire world lacks a moral conscience 

586,000 Gaza Palestinians are starving to death thanks to Washington and Israel and Washington’s two-bit punk European and Canadian empire of nonentities. 

The US Secretary of State, a Jew who declares himself an Israeli, the US Secretary of Treasury, who declares herself a Jew, the US Attorney General who declares himself a Jew–note that in the Biden Regime there is not a single white gentile heterosexual male in any position of power or influence–have aligned  America with Israel’s Genocide of the Palestinians.

NO AMERICAN CAN HOLD HIS OR HER HEAD UP HIGH.  We have all been made complicit in genocide.

The very last things Americans are are people who rule themselves.

How can any American have a Merry Christmas when the Biden Regime has made every one of us complicit in Genocide?


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