The Liberal Influence in Russia Will Destroy the Country

The Liberal Influence in Russia Will Destroy the Country

Russian Liberals Have Brought Western Degeneracy to Moscow

When we see this happening in Iran we will know Satan has the world in a firm grip.

Russian Foreign Minister Declares Washington’s Puppet Government in Germany to be a Thief

The Russian government invited the theft by not responding to the illegal sanctions by seizing every Western asset in Russia, and the incompetent Russian central bank director, a Putin favorite, enabled the theft of $285 billion of Russia’s central bank assets by stupidly leaving them abroad–or was it an act of treason–where they could be seized.  

The Russian government seems incapable of comprehending that its refusal to respond to attacks provokes more attacks.  Putin’s turning the other cheek produced the Ukraine War.

This Is What Happens to a Country that Has an Iron Fist but Is Too Weak-willed to Use It

Washington Wants $300 Billion of Stolen Russian Assets Given to Ukraine 

Pusillanimous Russia Has Guaranteed Ever Worsening Provocations that Directly Lead to Nuclear War.

Russian Government Still Suffering from Its Delusion of Cooperating with the West 

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