Color-Privilege:  The Return of Racial Discrimination

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Color-Privilege:  The Return of Racial Discrimination

Paul Craig Roberts

Does any large US city any longer have a white male mayor?  Boston’s mayor is an asian female, Michelle Wu.  She recently held a racially segregated holiday party for Boston officials that excluded white officials, and she justified it as carving out spaces for people of color.  When white people allegedly did that, it was called racism, and it is illegal for white people to have their own spaces.

But as federal courts have accepted racial discrimination against white people for more than a half century, people of color now have squatters’ rights to discriminate against white people.

The is how Boston’s mayor’s racial discrimination against white people is described:

“It is not at all divisive, it is creating spaces for people and communities and identities with shared experiences to come together,” said Ruthzee Louijeune, a Boston city councilor at-large. “We are still breaking barriers and it is so important for us to carve out and create that space.”

White people, unlike blacks, are not allowed to have their racially segregated dorms in universities, or their white neighborhoods and country clubs.  Boys can’t have Boy Scouts, which has to include girls, but girls can have Girl Scouts without boys.  White public officials cannot have white only holiday parties.  So, what is this white privilege and male privilege we hear so much about?  

Do white people understand that racial discrimination against them is institutionalized?  Do they understand that their country has been stolen from them just as Zionists have stolen Palestine from Palestinians?

Do white people realize that they have already been replaced.  Look for white gentiles in corporate adds, CEO offices, important positions in the Biden regime, and films. Look for white role models and positive depictions of white people.  White people are everywhere set aside.  Corporations and the Pentagon have set them aside in hiring and promotion.  Universities have preferences for people of color.  So how do whites have privilege?

The second a white person complains about his second class citizenship, the white woke brainwashed and indoctrinated morons scream “white rage.”  How is it that it is people of color with all the privileges that are permitted rage?  They can burn and loot cities, have criminal charges dropped, and engage in bad behavior because they are color-privileged.  But it is impermissible for white gentiles to complain about their demonization and the racial discrimination that they suffer regardless  of their protection under the US Constitution.

White gentile Americans have been so deracinated that it is not clear they any longer exist. 

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