Do White Ethnic Americans Understand That They Are Under Attack?

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Do White Ethnic Americans Understand That They Are Under Attack?

Paul Craig Roberts 

While white people of American ethnicity were distracted by what they mistook as more important concerns, traitors in Congress and the White House filled America with immigrant-invaders from different and even hostile cultures and then used racial quotas and “diversity” to give immigrant-invaders power in the American justice system. 

Here is one result:  An appeals court judge by the name of Sri Srinivasan–born in Chandigarh, India–clearly not an ethnic American–has ruled that Trump can be sued for his speech at the January 6 rally.  Remember, on January 6 Trump was still President of the United States.  Additionally, all American citizens are guaranteed the right of free speech by the US Constitution.  Yet, we have a quota hire foreign born judge ruling that a Trump enemy can claim to have been harmed by Trump’s speech and can sue him for damages.

The immigrant-invader Sri Srinivasan upheld the ruling by immigrant-invader district court judge Amit Mehta–born in Patan, Gujarat, India–that Trump could be sued. 

So, here we have non-ethnic Americans–immigrant-invaders–taking away the rights of the President of the United States.

What do you think is going to happen to ordinary white Americans?  They are already second class citizens.  American corporations discriminate against them in hiring and promotion, as does the US military.  Universities and public schools demonize white Americans as racists.  Advertising and entertainment are pushing them into miscegenation.  Increasingly invisible in positions of power and influence, they are slated for ethnic extinction as well. Deracinated by attacks on their culture and values, in place of confidence they have guilt.

The Camp of the Saints is upon them.

Read The Camp of the Saints here and experience your future:

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