A Century of Barbarism Is Upon Us

A Century of Barbarism Is Upon Us

Paul Craig Roberts

Those of us who were around for the Vietnam War remember the photo of Phan Thi Kim Phuc– “the napalm girl”– the naked, badly burned 9 year old girl fleeing the advancing bombing.



Today, thanks to “the only democracy in the Middle East” and Israel’s Washington enabler, we watch on TV, in Pepe Escobar’s words, “the wanton killing of women and children, the carpet bombing of hospitals, schools and mosques.”

And nothing is done. Washington sends more bombs, more money. European politicians speak of wanton murder of civilians as “Israel’s right of self-defense.” We are descending into darkness and losing our souls.

What does it profit Israel to gain Palestine, yet forfeit Israel’s soul?

What does it profit Washington?

What does it profit Americans who are sending the money and bombs with which to genocide a people?


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