Gaza Is Not the US/Israeli Target

Gaza Is Not the US/Israeli Target

Paul Craig Roberts

This report from M. K. Bhadrakumar in India via Consortium News — — indicates that my analysis of October 30, 2023 — —  is correct that the October 7 Hamas attack was a reopening by US neoconservatives and Israel of the Middle Eastern Wars, the purpose of which is to remove Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran as barriers to Greater Israel.  What is called Israel’s right to self-defense is a euphemism for Israeli expansion. 

You can read Bhadrakumar’s report, so I don’t need to explicate it.  In my opinion, the only point on which he is wrong is at the end of his article where he says the conflict will be limited to the Middle East and will not turn into a world war.  It is already a world war with the US involved, with Chinese Navy and Russian aircraft on the scene, and according to news reports German and French soldiers on the way.  Putin with his emphasis on, and commitment to, multipolarity cannot permit US/Israeli destruction of a rising independent Middle East, much less Iran, the destruction of which would open up Russia to destabilization and deprive China of oil.  The situation accurately described by Bhadrakumar is more dangerous than he realizes.

Russia, China, and Iran are behind the eight ball.  Proactive leadership would long ago have announced a Russian-Chinese-Iranian mutual defense treaty, the announcement of which would have prevented the dangerous situation we now face.  

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