The United States No Longer Exists as a Nation

The United States No Longer Exists as a Nation

A Tower of Babel Has Taken Its Place

Comment by Paul Craig Roberts

“Counting all US in-migration annually, half a million migrants are admitted via the CBP app, a new parole program will admit another half a million Venezuelans, another new program will allow 200k immigrants to fly directly to American cities to claim asylum, existing legal immigration is about 1 million, and there are about 2 million illegal border crossings. That adds up to over 4 million migrants annually, breaking all past records for border crossings and immigration. It would not be farfetched for 8 million migrants to arrive in 2024. The migrant crisis will only accelerate due to economic crisis and food shortages in the Global South, and the impacts of chain migration. Basically a trial run for open borders, considering that the numbers who want to immigrate globally are about 900 million. The date when Whites become a minority in America could easily move up from 2045 to 2035.” 

PCR comment:  The US, UK, and Western Europe are trapped in a downward spiral of living standards. With automation and AI encroaching on human employment and massive immigration, wages will fall and unemployment will rise.  Social assistance and taxation will rise.  The dollar will decline, pushing up prices in the US economy that has offshored its manufacturing.  The short-term focus of corporate executives and boards on quarterly profits blinds them to the decline in aggregate consumer demand from the lower wages and unemployment caused by their support for open borders and offshored production in quest of higher profits.  As this undermines the purchasing power in the home economy, the long-run effect is to undermine profits.  US economic policy has totally failed.  Instead of building a high productivity, high wage economy, the US has been placed on the road to declining purchasing power. Already a large percentage of the population has no discretionary spending power.  Their entire incomes are absorbed by food, utilities, and debt service on mortgages, cars, and credit cards.

There is no focus on this crisis.  The Woke ideologues who control the Democrat Party are focused on demonizing and deracinating the white heterosexual population and is supported in this agenda by the media and education system, which have become Ministries of Propaganda.  The Republicans think the economic problem is deficits and are constrained by political correctness and unable to defend the white population.  Think what it means that Republicans have lost the initiative to something as nonsensical and destructive as the Woke revolution.

Look at the fate of the one leader who tried to address the situation:  Donald Trump is now being prosecuted under four fake felony indictments brought by Democrats, and a NY attorney general and judge have just confiscated Trump’s real estate empire. 

The legal system is willing for the truth of these charges to be determined by Trump-hating Democrat prosecutors, judges, and juries.

Anti-Thrumpers are joyous.  They have no understanding what this means for them.  Revenge for imagined wrongs have taken over the American legal system.  The attacks on Trump are the Establishment’s method of telling us that we are in their clutches and no leader will be permitted to rise and release us.

And insouciant Americans sit there sucking their thumbs. Idiot lawyers discuss the merits of the charges. Rino Republicans say “it’s time to move on” by which they mean back into the Establishment’s clutches.

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