Lavrov Declares Washington to be “the world’s #1 Outlaw”

Lavrov Declares Washington to be “the world’s #1 Outlaw”

Macgregor says ongoing Ukraine conflict leading to nuclear war

Comment by PCR:

Col. Douglas Macgregor’s recent interview– — and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s address to the NN Security Council — — validate my explanations of the Washington origin of the Ukraine conflict and my repeated concern that Washington’s involvement in the conflict is leading to nuclear war.

Where I differ with Macgregor is that I believe Putin’s butt-sitting, his refusal to win and finish the Ukraine conflict, is just as responsible for the rising risks of nuclear war as Washington’s creation of the conflict.  

Where I differ from Lavrov is that Lavrov seems to think facts matter to the West’s foreign policy, but they don’t.  The only fact that matters is the West’s intent to harm Russia.  That intent is not going to go away because Lavrov explains it to the Security Council.

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