Below are excerpts of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s remarks that the US and its NATO puppets “are waging war against us.”

Below are excerpts of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s remarks that the US and its NATO puppets “are waging war against us.”

Excerpts translated from (Sept 19 2023): 

A recent statement by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov shows that the Russian government actually sees itself at war with the West. A Russian journalist asked Lavrov about the statements from the USA that they could soon deliver ATACMS missiles with a range of 300 kilometers to Kiew.

Lavrov’s answer was:

“I am not in a position to comment on their explanations, they [US] have ‘seven Fridays a week’ [means unpredictable]. Perhaps they are preparing public opinion for this. But it is a fact that this does not change the essence of the situation. But what is happening is that Ukraine has been prepared for years to fight with its hands and its body to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia. No matter what they [the US] say, they control this war, they supply weapons, ammunition, intelligence information, satellite data – they are waging war against us.”

.. In addition, NATO generals are openly involved in the planning and operational control of combat operations against Russia. What government would not consider countries that behave like this to be a party to war?

.. The question is when European politicians, who still fantasize that their countries are not at war with Russia, will realize the realities and avert an impending major war in Europe.

.. The question arises as to what their [EU] instinct for self-preservation is like when they have effectively become a warring party against the largest nuclear power in the world.

.. Kiev is attacking Russian territory more and more openly and the question is when Russia will respond with a strike against those who supply the weapons for it.

.. After all, Western governments know that Kiev also uses their weapons for attacks against Russian territory. This is already shown by the official language, which states that ‘no one’ supports attacks on Russian territory, but that Kiev ultimately has to decide for itself ‘how to use the weapons’.

.. Someone should explain to the dream dancers who are allowed to play governments in Europe that they are actually risking nuclear war. They [the EU] are welcome to think Russia is evil, but that should not be a reason to want to end its own existence. To keep provoking Russia and rely on Putin’s patience to last forever …?

These remarks by Russia’s Foreign Minister validate my concern that Putin’s butt-sitting about Ukraine, his refusal to win and thereby end the conflict before Washington manages to escalate it further, is leading directly to nuclear war.  

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