The Legitimization of Child Abuse

The Legitimization of Child Abuse

Paul Craig Roberts

It is extraordinary how concern with child abuse has altered over the past 25-40 years.  In culling my overgrown library, I came across documents and  articles about the frame-up of the Amirault family in the Fells Acre day care case during the 1980s and the Wenatchee, Washington child abuse in the 1990s witch hunt that I played a role in exposing.  

The creation of Child Protective Services at the insistent of “child advocates” created a new government bureaucracy with little to do.  “Child advocates” fantasized that children were routinely raped by their parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, Sunday school teachers, and child care providers.  With the new bureaucracy in place, perpetrators of child abuse had to be found in order to justify the agency and its budget.

In Wenatchee seeing opportunity a corrupt police detective, Robert Perez, pressured his 13-year old daughter to bring rape accusations.  She later recanted, but not before many parents and the local pastor, Robert Roberson and his wife, were accused of organized rape of children.  Children were taken from their homes and put into fraudulent “recovered memory therapy” used to convince them that they had been raped.

The corrupt Child Protection Services agency and prosecutor could not make the false charges stick against Pastor Robertson and his wife, but large numbers of parents who were poor were convicted, sent to prison and their children taken into custody.

Pastor Robertson or his attorney or someone contacted me, and I investigated the story.  I wrote about it extensively, and the Wall Street Journal and even the Reader’s Digest joined in. The fraudulent convictions were exposed, and courts freed all those imprisoned. I was interested to see that in Wikipedia’s account my role in exposing the false convictions is not mentioned. They have many ways to disappear you.

I provide this brief history to remind that children were so overprotected by authorities as to result in many wrongful convictions of innocent adults.

Now look at what child abuse consists of today.  Parents who object to their children being brainwashed and indoctrinated in public schools into thinking they are in the wrong physical body and parents who object to the chemical castration of their sons, to having their daughters breasts removed, to having their children injected with substances to suppress their natural sexual development are said to be child abusers and have their children taken away from them.  To be clear, child abuse is now institutionalized by authorities who commit child abuse, and parents are unable to protect their children from the abuse.  

It only required  a few years for those destroying our civilization to create virtue out of sin.

Child abuse is being legitimized in another dangerous way.  Pedophilia until only yesterday was the sin of sins.  Today it is well on its way to normalization.  You are no longer supposed to call pedophiles pedophiles. Their new designation is “minor attracted person.”  As the explanation goes, a minor attracted person’s sexual needs are just as legitimate as a heterosexual person’s, a lesbian’s, a homosexuals, a bisexuals, and a tranny’s. There is no difference. It was obvious that once homosexuality was legitimized, all other perversions would follow.

If children can decide (with the aide of indoctrination) that they are in the wrong body, they can also decide if they want to have sex with adults.  According to authorities, it is the parents who object who are oppressing the children and, thereby are guilty of child abuse.

One of the books I came across is about the assault on the family.  It has been going on for a long time, and today is more or less institutionalized.  Why has this been permitted?  Why is there no protection for the family, only offense against it?  Why is government authority arrayed against the family? Today defenders of family, the basic unit of civilization, are portrayed as dangers to children’s rights and society.

The situation today is that intellectuals, Democrat Party, government at all levels, and the presstitutes, are against the family, because the family is the basis of social stability, and the agenda is to destroy social stability in the interest of elite control as advocated by the WEA’a Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros and many others who learned at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, Stanford and so many other indoctrination centers that Western Civilization is racist and evil and must be destroyed.

Western civilization is being destroyed in front of our eyes, and no one is doing anything about it. 

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