America Now Has a Two-Tiered Legal System: One for Whites and One for Blacks

America Now Has a Two-Tiered Legal System: One for Whites and One for Blacks

Paul Craig Roberts

Whites who protest stolen elections are imprisoned.  Blacks who loot and burn down business centers in American cities are rewarded with millions of dollars and promises not to prosecute.

The denial of 14th Amendment protection to white people brings no complaint from the White House, the Justice (sic) Department, Congress, the judiciary, bar associations, law schools, universities, students, media, businesses.  All the while the blue-pilled white population sits there sucking their thumbs insouciant to the end, indifferent to their inferior legal status and their demonization and persecution, and not motivated to do anything about it. A white population this indifferent to its fate has zero survival potential.

In America Only Blacks Can Protest

Last week Judge Kelly presided over a corrupt prosecution of three January 6 white protesters and gave them  prison sentences of 17, 15, and 10 years.  The 42 years were for moving aside a crowd control fence, for breaking a window, and for allegedly assaulting a police officer.  

The same week the city, Denver, Colorado, agreed to pay $5,000,000 to seven Black Lives Matter rioters who claimed wrongful arrest for violating a curfew imposed in an effort to stop looting and burning.  In addition to handing out taxpayers’ money to rioters and looters, the city government promised to never again enforce curfews, especially against blacks.

This is called white privilege. 

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