No Justice for Trump

No Justice for Trump

Paul Craig Roberts

The four indictments against Trump are ridiculous in their charges.  There is no legal basis in law for any of the indictments. Moreover, many of the indictments are violations of Constitutionally protected civil liberties.  All the indictments amount to is an assertion that to charge Democrats with fraud in an election  is a felony.  It is OK to charge Republicans with fraud.

Charges of electoral fraud have accompanied every election cycle in US history whether at the local, state, or national level.  Many believe today that John F. Kennedy got to the White House because the Democrat machine in Chicago counted the graveyards.  George W. Bush’s election was disputed and had to be settled by the Supreme Court.  Never before has it been a crime to dispute an election.

What explains the criminalization of Trump’s dispute of the election?  I will suggest a number of reasons.  One is that the Democrats know that they cannot win against Trump, and polls show that Biden is so unpopular even with Democrats that they cannot again steal the election.  So the Democrats decided to misuse city, county, and federal prosecutors to tie up Trump with four criminal indictments of multiple charges in order (1) hopefully to discredit him in the public eye, and (2) tie him up in court proceedings and trials so that he cannot campaign.  Maybe all the stress will kill an old man.  Clearly if the Democrats thought they could win, they would not bring shame on themselves and their party and on government in the United States with obviously politically-inspired indictments of the leading candidate for President.  Clearly the people do not believe the indictments.  A political party that cared about the country would not split the country in half by weaponizing law.  But the corrupt Democrats and their Ruling Establishment backers only care about power.  America now has an entire political party totally devoid of integrity.  Power uber alles is the Democrats only principle.

Another is the incompetence of the prosecutors.  Jack Smith is so totally incompetent that he has had to admit mistakes in his filings and has been repeatedly over-ruled by the federal judges overseeing his two phony indictments.  In other words, Jack Smith is so thoroughly incompetent that he is unqualified to be a para-legal in a small town.  No self-respecting and competent attorney would bring such false charges, especially against an American President.

The two black prosecutors, Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, are quota law school grads and quota hires.  Once law schools reduced their admission requirements, they had to lower their standards, because if the quota admissions didn’t pass, the law schools would be accused of racism and of creating false hopes.  The result is a lower level of competence of all graduates, black and white, male and female.  

It is well known that Alvin Bragg cannot explains how a city or state court can try a person on a federal charge, which is his only felony charge. He can’t even explain what the federal charge is.

Fani Willis has 11 charges against trump, all of which are nonsensical and false, especially her racketeering charge under the RICO law put in place to convict the Mafia. Only an incompetent idiot would equate protest of electoral fraud with racketeering.  Aside from being nonsensical charges in Trump’s case, Fani Willis’ charges  to be valid require criminal intent.  Fani Willis provides  no evidence that Trump harbored criminal intent when he responded to expert evidence of electoral fraud and tried to get the matter investigated prior to Biden being declared the winner. Nowhere in her indictment does Fani Willis provide any evidence of criminal intent or any reason why she thinks criminal intent is involved.

The indictments boil down to this:  It is a felony to accuse Democrats of electoral fraud.

Considering how the locations of the trials have been orchestrated, it is highly unlikely that the jury pools will contain one person who is not a Trump-hater.  In other words, the Democrats know that the juries they select will convict Trump even if the evidence proves him innocent.  The ground has been prepared so that indictment means conviction.  The kangaroo convictions will be appealed and eventually might reach an honest court, but the process will take years, thus ensuing Biden a second term.

This is America today.  It is far worse than a Banana Republic. We are now presented with four Kafkaesque, Stalinist trials of a President of the United States.  If they can do this to a President, a mere citizen has no chance.  The corrupt, incompetent trio of Smith, Bragg, and Willis are achieving the destruction of legal integrity and civil liberty in the United States.  The result will be social disintegration.

Americans are going to very much regret that they accepted the stolen 2020 presidential election and that they acquiesced in the white liberals’ goal of placing anti-white blacks in power over them.

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