Money Is Destroying Science and Scholarship

Money Is Destroying Science and Scholarship

Paul Craig Roberts

Ron Unz is a voice of conscience for history and science.  In his essay — — Unz shows that science is governed by money and produces the explanations that money desires.  Consequently, in place of truth we get lies.  Unz reviews the AIDS controversy and finds that truth lost to money, and we were given in the place of truth an AIDS lie, just as we have been given a Covid lie.

Objective and honest scientists agree. Richard Horton, chief editor of The Lancet, wrote that financial considerations have become a central element of the scientific process.  In other words, science has been corrupted by money and can no longer be trusted to deliver truth.

Unz writes:

“If Kennedy is correct, our entire American media has spent the last 35 years promoting and protecting a medical fraud that cost us many hundreds of billions of dollars and many hundreds of thousands of lives. As far back as the 1990s, a former Harvard professor had declared that the AIDS hoax was a worse scientific scandal than the notorious Lysenko fraud. So the media rightly fears that if they engage Kennedy on the issue, they themselves would suffer the total destruction of their reputation. 

“Some 700,000 Americans died in the AIDS epidemic, but according to Kennedy the overwhelming majority of these victims were perfectly healthy individuals whose agonizing deaths were caused by the lethal but very lucrative AIDS drugs they were prescribed, a public health policy enthusiastically supported by our entire media establishment. More than half of those casualties were gay men, and gay activists are an influential and highly-organized political force. The desperate effort of the media to prevent Kennedy’s accusations from receiving any significant attention is quite understandable.  . . . 

“Kennedy should recognize that his true opponent in this 2024 campaign is not the elderly and enfeebled Joseph Biden nor the incompetent and unpopular Vice President Kamala Harris, both of whom were dragged across the 2020 finish line by their establishment backers. Kennedy’s true opponent is the American media, and they should be a primary target of his attacks.”

It is not just medical science that is corrupted.  All areas of science are.  Many physicists and chemists are involved in weapons development and are financed by the federal government and weapons manufacturers. This prevents them from questioning the official narrative of 9/11. Psychologists are employed by the CIA to develop torture techniques, and others work on mind control projects.  So much of American research is financed by money that is agenda-driven.  In such an environment science and scholarship become unreliable.  Both risk being destroyed by money.  

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