Disintegrating Justice


Disintegrating Justice

Paul Craig Roberts

The Ever-expanding Use of Federal Deadly Force:  The IRS has SWAT teams.


Audits were used to detect tax evasion.  Now we have “financial crimes” requiring SWAT teams.  The only purpose of the SWAT team is to portray the suspect as dangerous, thus biasing the case against him.

What is a “financial crime”?  Are they defined?  Are they subjective to be orchestrated against opponents?

Today the government has so many ways to come for you.  Prosecutors are unconcerned with innocence or guilt, only with conviction.  Juries and plea bargains are controlled devices from which to get convictions.

There is no such thing any longer as a jury of your peers.  Your peers are people who are like you.  In America today such a jury is prohibited as “racist,”  “homophobic,” “misogynist.” How objective are blacks and feminists and homosexuals as jury members when a white heterosexual male is on trial.  Blacks have been taught to hate whites.  Feminists have been taught to hate men.  The LGBT+ have been taught to hate heterosexuals.  What prevails?  Emotions or fair, objective consideration?  What is the juror’s motivation? To determine innocence or guilt, or vengeance? 

Liberals will say “so what?”  In the past white juries were biased against blacks. If so, blacks suffered from not having a jury of their peers.  For jury trials to work, people have to feel more responsibility to justice than to their emotions.  In a country where the ideology is Identity Politics, vengeance replaces justice.  No one trusts jury trials, which is why 97% of felonies in the US are settled with plea bargains.

A woman whose job requires travel by car told me that she has had to stop traveling at night and has to extend the length of her stays away from home.  The reason is that the gasoline stations she can rely on during daylight become hangouts for black youths at night.  She has a carry permit and can protect her life, pocketbook, and car from being hijacked, but she said that if she were to shoot a black, all the witnesses are blacks and the outcome would be that she saved her life or car at the cost of a prison sentence. The witnesses would testify against her. There would have to be blacks on the jury, and the liberal press would turn her into a racist and white supremacist who thinks it is OK to use violence against blacks.  She says that despite the 2nd Amendment Americans cannot defend themselves outside of their home when confronted with an armed intruder.

Many blue jurisdictions have repealed laws against loitering, so the police cannot breakup congregations of youths that scare people away from businesses.  

So far for the most part these congregations of youth operate as panhandlers.  They ask for money.  Some of the stories they tell of their desperate need show imagination that, if properly applied, could give them an honest career.  Often they are just entertaining themselves by scaring you.  If you get out, you are surrounded.  If you attempt to drive away, they block you. If you are white, it is a no-win situation for you. Older people could experience sufficient stress to have heart attacks.

This is called being privileged.

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