Reports from Russia Make Clear There Was No “Wagner Mutiny”

Reports from Russia Make Clear There Was No “Wagner Mutiny”

Paul Craig Roberts

Reports from Russia have clarified what the alleged “Prigozhin Mutiny” was all about.  The Russian military brass told Prigozhin that his independent Wagner group would be incorporated into the Russian military as of July 1 and be subject to the chain of command. Prigozhin and his commanders rejected this and saw it as an act of envy of the Wagner Group’s success compared to Russian Army units.  The alleged “march on Moscow” was a protest to get Putin’s attention, not an attempt to overthrow Putin or the government.

On June 29 Putin met with Prigozhin and his commanders for several hours where the Wagner commanders gave their version of events and expressed their commitment to MotherRussia.  Having witnessed the Wagner Group’s effectiveness in battle, Putin was desirous of keeping the Wagner Group on the front line in Ukraine.  The Belarus president, Lukashenko, also wanted the unit and invited them to Belarus.  

Prigozhin and his commanders agreed to be incorporated into the Russian chain of command.  There is no information whether Putin met Prigozhin’s demand/request for a more competent Russian general staff and a more determined effort to bring the conflict to a victorious conclusion.  

Clearly, no move has been made against Prigozhin.  He is a billionaire Russian businessman separate from his Wagner Group, and no moves have been made against his business.

Now, compare these facts with the amazingly stupid accounts given by the entirety of the US and UK media, politicians, and alleged “Russian experts.”  Do you remember the headlines:  “Prigozhin marches on Moscow,”  “Putin’s Last Days,”  “Putin damaged by mutiny,” “Weakened, will Putin now be overthrown”?

It was obvious to anyone with a bit of intelligence that it could not possibly have been a military mutiny to overthrow Putin.  The military brass, the media, and Putin’s aides told him it was a mutiny before he spoke with Lukashenko and Prigozhin.

As long as the media reports news as its ideological wishes and official narratives instead of facts, we will live in a fictional existence.

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