America Has Been Overthrown in a Coup

America Has Been Overthrown in a Coup

Paul Craig Roberts

As I said, Fox News is part of the shutdown of truth operation.  Fox News took Tucker Carlson off the air but keeps him under contract in order to keep him silenced. 

Meanwhile the presstitutes institutionalize more official lies blaming Russia for blowing up its own damn, and the corrupt Justice (sic) Department is preparing criminal charges against President Trump for retaining secret files at his private residence after leaving office in 2021. Trump will, of course, be convicted in the media.

The Establishment has sent the message via their Democrat henchmen that it is perilous for any politician  to attempt to represent the people.

The message is also going out to the alt-media that truth telling is not permitted.

In other words, there has been a coup.  Our country has been stolen from us.

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