Do White Ethnicities Have a Future?

Do White Ethnicities Have a Future?

Paul Craig Roberts

For many years the website has been the voice defending the white ethnicities who comprise the world of Western Civilization. In France the Le Pen family tries to defend French ethnics. In Britain, Enoch Powell and Nigel Farage spoke for British ethnics. The less visible European countries had defenders of their ethnicity, but despite the white ethnicities being large majorities, allegedly the rulers in a democracy, the white ethnicities are at times treated by “their” governments as ¬†dangerous “white supremacists.” Those who speak for white ethnicities and in their defense are demonized and persecuted by white media and white governments.

Jean Raspail’s 1973 book, The Camp of the Saints, a novel, explained the consequence of white governments turning against the ethnic base of their own countries. The book, a best seller, was taken out of print because it reveals the fate of white people.

Initially, the anti-white Establishment used demonization to discredit as fascist, Nazi, white supremacist, KKK, and all the rest.

This left a perfect target for New York’s black justice (sic) system. The prosecutor bringing fake and undisclosed charges against a white American president is a black. The NY State Attorney General is a white-hating black. She is trying to destroy vdare.

She has no real case, but it does’t matter. In America charges do not have to be true or to be warranted–as Special Counsel Durham’s report on the unwarranted Russiagate accusations and investigation of President Trump prove–to succeed in blackening reputations and exhausting the accused funds in defending against false charges.

This is what the white-hating black NY State Attorney General is doing to vdare for telling the truth.

New York state is predominately white. How is it that blacks control the New York justice (sic) system?  Only whites could have made this possible. This suggests that whites are self-hating whites opposed to their own race. How can such foolish people survive?

The question of our time is: Can White People Survive?

Here is the account of vdare’s founder, Peter Brimelow, of the black NY justice (sic) systems attack on a website that says white lives, and white civilization, matter.

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