Our Heartless Medical System

Our Heartless Medical System

Paul Craig Roberts

A 41-year old mother of seven young children has been in effect condemned to death by Emory Healthcare Inc. of Atlanta, an affiliate of Emory University, for refusing to take the dangerous Covid-19 shot.  The mother was approved for a kidney transplant but was removed from the list when she refused the death jab.  The woman has had Covid and is protected by natural immunity.  Moreover, there are many medical scientists who believe the adverse effect of the Covid mRNA “vaccine” would attack her kidney and kill her.

Only about one-third of America’s transplant centers are still so medically ignorant of the mRNA “vaccine” danger, or corrupted by Big Pharma payments, as to continue to require patients to submit to Covid “vaccination” in order to receive health care.  Emory Healthcare is in this minority that requires patients to take enormous risks in order to receive treatment.

It seems clear enough that Emory Healthcare is committing willful murder. But prosecutors are too busy putting Trump supporters in prison for attending a rally to pay attention to real crimes.  Little doubt Emory graduates and the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation will continue to pour money into a heartless facility that has no qualms about murdering a mother of 7 kids.

This is America today, a place of Satanic evil.

Mother of 7 Denied Kidney Transplant for Refusing COVID Shot in Georgia


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