Trump Is America’s Last Hope 

Trump Is America’s Last Hope 

Paul Craig Roberts 

It is no longer possible for any American, no matter how stupid and delusional, to believe that he lives in a free country where truth is respected and justice is served.  It is today impossible to believe in any American institution, public or private.

The inanity of life in America is headlined by Donald Trump’s indictment and arraignment by a corrupt Democrat New York gang of criminals on fake charges devoid of any legitimacy and for which the former President of the United States, a person tens of millions of Americans believe still is President, faces 136 years in prison.

The gang of Democrat criminals in New York have destroyed all unity, have denigrated the United States and lowered it to the status of a banana republic where law is nothing but a political weapon, and has shown total disrespect for the working men and women of our country who regard Donald Trump as their last hope against a criminal rapacious elite that oppresses them and destroys their liberty.

The Republican Establishment and their presidential candidates are destroying the Republican Party by deserting the voters with the line that Trump is too controversial and it is time to move on.  The party will move on to oblivion. 

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