The Health Plot Against the People of the World

The Health Plot Against the People of the World

Dear Readers, people are unaware that the sovereignty of every country over its health practices is about to be turned over to the World Health Organization, an unaccountable bureaucracy.  This is the final nail in our coffin.  Once this goes through, we are captured in Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab’s net.  The WHO alone can declare a pandemic and the protocols. 

There is no longer any doubt that the Covid pandemic was an orchestrated event and that the “Covid vaccine” was known in advance to be neither safe nor effective.  Indeed, it is not a vaccine.

The researcher in the video below, the third item, explains how beginning in 2013 the scheme was set up in secrecy in a way to protect all those involved in the scheme.  It shows clearly that there is a conspiracy.  

Meanwhile “vaccinated” people continue to die suddenly. 

Explosive Increase in Cardiac Symptoms After Second Injection 

New Analysis Shows Studies of COVID Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis Hid Critical Safety Signal 

Video: Bombshell Docs Reveal COVID-19 Cover-Up Goes Straight to the Top 

The Top 100 Reasons to #StopThe Pandemic Treaty, #StopTheAmendments, and #ExitTheWHO 

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