Kevin McCarthy Has now lost 6 straight votes to be Speaker of the House

Kevin McCarthy Has now lost 6 straight votes to be Speaker of the House

Paul Craig Roberts

Kevin McCarthy has 201 votes, 17 short of the 218 required.  His challenger, Byron Donalds of Florida has 20 votes. To be sure you understand what this means.  In the entirety of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, there are only 20 members dedicated to change.  McCarthy’s 201 votes are all for the status quo.

That part of the American people who do not want to be dismissed as racists, transgendered away, and manipulated into sacrificing their civil liberties for “safety,” are unable to put into office people who represent them.  The reason is that elected representatives are elected by the organized interests that comprise the Establishment.  The organized interests provide the funds to finance the election campaign, not the voters.  Therefore, the elected representatives represent the interest groups whose money gets them elected.  Until money is taken out of politics, which the US Supreme Court has made impossible by its stupid ruling, the House and Senate will represent those whose funds put them in office.

Donald Trump came out for McCarthy.  In my opinion this was a stupid move for Trump. It aligns Trump with the establishment, whereas his supporters are for him because he stood for change.  Obviously, Trump still has advisors determined to sink him.  

What Trump should have done–and he could have done it–is to form a new party.  This would have replaced the Republican Party which represents interest groups with a political party fighting for Americans.  

Too bad Trump didn’t have a classic education, once a requirement in America.  If he had, he would know that “There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.”

How will this unequal struggle for power in the Republican House end? Most likely McCarthy will appease the 20 dissenters by agreeing to give “radical Republicans” some committee or subcommitte chairmanships.  He, using his power of  Speaker, will then make certain nothing comes from these committees and subcommittees.  Faced with reelection, those who represented change but were blocked will be presented as failures and flushed out of the system.

This is the way the Establishment works. As a former congressional staffer I have watched it in operation.

Americans, possibly the most insouciant people who have ever existed, don’t realize how powerless they are.  Democrats are demonizing and reducing to second class legal existence white Americans, and are teaching black Americans to hate white Americans, their oppressors. 

Republicans, do not rise to the defense of the white electorate. We are at the point at which the people who created this country are having it taken away from them.

What will be the fate of a demonized powerless unrepresented people?


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