Are Racial Quotas Tools of White Racism?

Are Racial Quotas Tools of White Racism?

Paul Craig Roberts

Quota-based hiring and promotion has had deleterious effects on those awarded status-based preferment. The best among them are left in doubt whether they earned their place.  The worst understand that it is an entitlement independent of performance, which, of course, undermines not only their performance but the performance of everyone else as well. If a portion of employers can get along with lackadaisical performance, the others follow suit.  This is another reason, along with declining educational standards, that nothing works as well as it formerly did.

Far from helping blacks, racial preferments harm them by undermining effort.  Indeed, as they undermine black effort, racial preferments could be said to be tools of white racism.

The purpose of the 1964 Civil Rights Act was to provide enforcement of the Constitutional requirement for equality under the law.  The Act explicitly prohibited racial quotas. Nevertheless, the EEOC bureaucracy established a quota regime and began the process of elevating blacks by preferment and force. The House and Senate and the Department of Justice (sic) failed to enforce the law as written. The replacement of persuasion with coercion has undermined both democracy and equal treatment under the law.

As applied, the 1964 Civil Rights Act requires discrimination against white Americans, especially heterosexual males.  The Act achieved the exact opposite of its intended purpose–equality under the law. 

The consequence is the paradox of today.  The dogma rules that blacks are victims of white oppression, but white heterosexual males are clearly second class citizens.

In the past half century a status-based society based on race, gender, and sexual preference has gradually taken form in the United States.  Today we are experiencing the introduction of racial status into criminal law.  Some local jurisdictions have passed laws decriminalizing theft by blacks for amounts less than $950.  Widespread looting and destruction of business districts have been left unpunished. Increasingly we hear that incarceration of blacks is due to their race, not to their high incidence of crime, and that sentencing blacks for crime is racist. Differential rights based on skin color, gender, and sexual preference are becoming fixtures in our society.  Consider that if parents were to expose their underage children to the content of drag queen shows, Child Protective Services would intervene, but when drag queens do so it is paid for by government.  

The normalization of perversity and the criminalization of traditional morality is the path of our future.

The history of the overthrow of meritocracy and resurrection of status-based rights is available in my book, The New Color Line, Regnery, 1995.

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