The Disastrous Events of the year 2022 Will Plague Us for as Long as We Exist

The Disastrous Events of the year 2022 Will Plague Us for as Long as We Exist

Paul Craig Roberts

2022  planted the seeds for tyranny and death.  My analysis today will focus on only four of the many terrible events of 2022.

One is the FBI raid on President Trump’s home.

One is the second stolen national election.

One is the war against Russia that is leading to Armageddon.

One is the deception about the effectiveness and safety of the Covid mRNA “vaccine.”

The unprecedented raid on President Trump’s home revealed the Gestapo State that has replaced American Democracy.  Few comprehend the threat that the raid reveals. First there is the disrespect shown a recent President of the United States who clearly has far more public support than any president since Ronald Reagan.  If a President of the United States can be treated in such a high-handed way, what prospect do the rest of us have?

The raid was not only beyond the pale, it was gratuitous in its justification. The FBI had access to the documents and had gone through them previously.  The documents were not being withheld from inspection. The story planted in the presstitute media that Trump left the documents lying around in Mar-a-Largo for Russian spies on his staff to photo is absurd. Trump has Secret Service protection, and the agents would certainly notice any top secret documents lying around on the furniture.  If Russian agents had penetrated Trump’s household staff, the CIA would have warned him.  That media actually discussed this fabrication as if it were real reveals the incompetence and dishonesty of the media.

Normally, presidents and high government officials do not concern themselves with documents unless they are writing memoirs.  They don’t have time for documents.  Most of what is signed off on is from advice not from reading.  Presidential appointees and I assume presidents are entitled to copies of all documents that moved through their offices.  I would have needed a moving and storage service to deal with documents to which I was entitled during my time at the Treasury. I very much doubt Trump knows what documents are in the boxes.  I would have advised him not to take documents packed by others as anything could be planted on him.  All documents should have gone to a presidential library, which once set up was probably where the documents were headed.

The “raid” by a FBI SWAT team was an orchestrated political event.  In a political system where there is accountable government, the FBI director and the attorney general would have been fired for political use of a police agency.  The fact that they got away with it shows that the days of accountable government in the United States are past.

The purpose of the raid was to create the image of Trump in the public mind as a criminal, so that the pubic already saw him that way and it would be old hat when the criminal referral from the Democrats in the House and subsequent Department of Justice indictment materialized. Any jurors involved would be accustomed to Trump as criminal and have the same view as the prosecutor.  This is what happened to Derick Chauvin.

Not many understood what was happening in front of their eyes.  Democrats and Trump haters were simply thrilled that the orange man was being had.  Trump supporters simply saw biased Democrats and biased media.  This was the way the public saw the transformation of a federal police force subject to the rule of law into an unaccountable Gestapo political operation dedicated to the Democrats’ seizure of power by eliminating the opponent. This is how the police were transformed in the Third Reich.

A question before us is whether the audacious raid on an American president’s home could have happened if the Deep State had been held accountable in the past for its crimes.  But having got away with so much despite overwhelming evidence of Deep State guilt–for example, the murders of President Kennedy, Senator Kennedy and Martin Luther King, the Bay of Tonkin, 9/11, Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, and two stolen national elections–to set up a president for indictment  on false charges is not a big step.  

Trump’s reelection was stolen after four years of vilification of President Trump while in office accused as a Russian agent elected by the Kremlin’s interference in the election, a charge exploited by the presstitutes and Democrats for years during the Russiagate investigation. Russiagate was followed by two attempted impeachments, and by an orchestrated “Jan. 6 insurrection,” a fabrication still ongoing with the House’s criminal referral of Trump to the Department of Justice (sic). 

Trump’s reelection meant 4 more years of the same, and people were tired of it.  Therefore, despite overwhelming evidence that the Democrats stole the election, the public acquiesced  in the theft.

The 2022 national election did not involve the president, so the public was less moved by its theft.  Moreover, the Republicans, despite the theft, recaptured the House.  But the inattention to the theft paves the road for more thefts.  

The theft of the Arizona governorship from Kari Lake is completely obvious. In Maricopa County, Arizona’s most populous, voting machines failed to function in the precincts known to be Republican. Voting lines were hours long.  The Republicans who suffered them were given paper ballots dropped into a box that the Democrat election officials said would be counted later.  When later arrived, it turned out that the uncounted ballots were “accidentally” mixed in with the counted ballots and could not be separated.  

Even this was not enough to elect Kari Lake’s opponent, who was serving as Election Commissioner and controlling every step of the voting and counting.  So for three days running the vote count stopped for 19 hours, 15 hours, 17 hours while Democrats forged Democrat votes. 

When presented with the evidence, the Republican judge said that whereas all these failures occurred, there was no proof that they were intentional.  

To be clear, a Republican judge ruled that as long as Democrats steal elections accidentally, it is OK.

So expect more accidentally stolen elections.

What two stolen national elections in a row means is that the electorate is powerless.  It is unable to put into office politicians who represent the voters and the country’s interest.  The electorate is powerless against the organized private interests, the ideologues who are erasing America, and the Deep State.  Elections have become a democratic cover for a stolen route to a one-party state.

So what is the Deep State?  We have some idea but we don’t know precisely.  We don’t know because political science in the universities and in high school civics classes if they still exist, teaches about what might once have existed years ago–democratically elected leaders who represent the people and the national interest.  

Today there is no such process. The President, House, and Senate are elected by the campaign contributions of powerful interests.  It is the interests of these interests, not those of voters, to which politicians respond.  

Together with these private interests, permanent government networks between some of these interests, social media and the remnants of print and TV media,  and established government bureaucracies such as the CIA and FBI control the explanations that the public receives. 

When the media is in service to government and is not watching government and holding government accountable, there can be no accountable government.

The fact that Democrats, with little public opposition, have succeeded in stealing two national elections proves the point.

Whether any of this matters depends on how determined are the neoconservatives who control US foreign policy to pursue Washington’s hegemony over the world in the face of Russian and Chinese opposition, and how long Putin will continue to drag out his “limited military operation in Ukraine,” thus enabling Washington to become too involved to let go.  Putin does not realize it, but he has empowered Washington to turn his ill-considered, indeed mindless, limited operation into a general war that leads to nuclear Armageddon.

Trump and Putin share gullibility in common.  Both have been slow to understand the Satanic forces confronting them. The consequences  will be horrendous. 

The fourth disastrous event is the Covid deception.  2022 is the year when it became completely clear that the Western medical establishment, media, and politicians lied through their teeth about the dangers of Covid and the safety and effectiveness of the mRNA “vaccines.”  Thanks to independent medical scientists, who stood their ground despite being censored, discredited, and punished, we know for certain that the Covid “vaccines” are neither safe nor effective.  Moreover, the Pfizer internal documents forced into release by federal court order show conclusively that Pfizer knew the “vaccine” was deadly.  As Pfizer shared the documents with its marketing agent, the US Food and Drug administration, the FDA also knew, yet gave approval to the Emergency Use Authorization of the mRNA “vaccines.”  As Professor Michel Chossudovsky has pointed out, the failure by Pfizer and the FDA to recall the “vaccines” based on Pfizer’s own internal study is mass murder.  At this point, very little is being done to hold Pfizer and the FDA accountable for murdering millions of people.

Almost all who died from Covid died from lack of treatment.  The medical protocols imposed prevented doctors from treating the virus with two known cures–HCQ and Ivermectin.  Some doctors in independent practice refused to follow the imposed protocols and saved thousands of lives. In other parts of the world–Brazil, India, Africa–use of Ivermectin both as cure and preventative essentially eliminated Covid as a health threat.  But in the “scientific” Western world, the cures were obstructed by official medical authorities. The Lancet, formerly a respected British medical journal, today a marketing shill for Big Pharma, denounced Brazil’s use of HCQ and Ivermectin as “an anti-scientific decision” and accused “a populist government” of  “undermining science.” 

There is no longer any doubt.  Following the vaccination campaign, excess deaths rose dramatically, and the excess deaths are among the vaccinated.  Still nothing is being done to help the millions of people whose health has been adversely impacted by the mRNA “vaccines.”

The orchestrated “pandemic” is a massive crime against humanity.  There has been no accountability and no help for the injured, which leaves the “pandemic” with the smell of organized genocide.  If so, we have reached the point where crimes against humanity is the official policy of the West.

How does a civilization recover when morality has been stripped of authority?  What has happened to us that Pfizer’s profits are elevated above life and public health, that executive branch mandates can override the US Constitution and the judgments of doctors and patients, that official narratives can be enforced by censorship?  Clearly, the foundation of our society is rotten and our civilization is collapsing.

In our society truth is dismissed as misinformation, normality is demonized as oppression, and perversity is normalized as liberation.  Transgender propagandizing of children is now common fare in public schools and public libraries.  This child abuse, ignored by Child Protective Services, is possible because laws require equal access to all organizations, depraved or normal.  The drag queen lobby has mastered the ability to manipulate the system.  The pretense is that it is just a matter of inclusion, but in fact it is revolution.  Sexual relations between a heterosexual man and a heterosexual woman is “heterosexual capitalist oppression,” but sex between adults and children is “the sexual liberation of children.”  The drag queen agenda is to undermine traditional notions of sexuality, to replace the biological family, and to arouse transgressive sexual desires in young children, and it is being financed with taxpayers’ money.  You can read about this in Christopher Rufo’s article in the Autumn 2022 City Journal.

So, just as prominent doctors and medical scientists who cured Covid patients with Ivermectin and HCQ are punished for saving lives by having their licenses and certifications stolen by bureaucrats whose protocols resulted in mass murder, parents who protest against public schools indoctrinating their children into sexual perversity are thrown out of school board meetings.  This is what I mean when I said morality has been stripped of authority.

Authority rests with those who are normalizing perversity.  Authority rests with the Satanists. It is going to be very difficult to get it away from them.

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