You Need to Watch this Documentary “Died Suddenly”

You Need to Watch this Documentary “Died Suddenly” 

The evidence is conclusive that the “vaccine” is far more deadly than the Covid virus.

The question we face is this:  Can the vast number of medical, media, and political persons who lied to us and caused huge numbers of deaths be held accountable?

We cannot have confidence in any public or private institution.  We cannot have confidence in public health officials, in medical boards, in universities, media, political leaders.They are all involved in the cover up of mass murder.  The BBC is trying to discredit the truthful documented documentary: 

Shocked?  You should be.  It was extremely easy to brainwash the population into accepting a deadly injection into their bodies.  But it is the evil operating that should shock you.  

Pray for the dumbshit masses who cheered the “vaccine” lies that led them to self-assassination.

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